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Introducing our All-New Biofeedback Meditation Soundscapes!


Introducing our All-New Biofeedback Meditation Soundscapes!


The all-new Muse Soundscapes are now available on the Muse app!

To access these new soundscapes, simply update your Muse app and download each new soundscape on your iOS or Android device.

Our community of Musers has been patiently waiting for the newest collection of soundscapes, and we’re excited to showcase our 4 new soundscapes for you to explore:

  1. MIND: Campfire (with or without music)
  2. HEART: Night Crickets (with or without music)
  3. BREATH: Fresh Air ft. Box Breath & Balanced Breath breathing techniques
  4. BODY: Crystal Cavern

We’d love to get your feedback on current and new experiences! Bring your comments and questions to our Muse Community!

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New Mind Soundscape:

soundscape Campfire 🔥

Cozy up to the soothing warmth of a crackling campfire as you begin your next mind meditation.

Allow your thoughts to come and go as they please. As your mind begins to wander, you’ll hear the sound of crackling fire become a little louder. As your mind settles, you’ll hear the crackling fire slowly subside. This soundscape brings you real-time feedback on your brain activity (EEG) that teaches you the art of focused attention.

Enjoy with or without music.


New Heart Soundscape:

soundscape Night Crickets 🦗 🌙

Take a journey through soothing woodlands where you’ll hear your heartbeat played back to you in real-time through the soothing sounds of chirping night crickets. Let the crickets teach you to tune into your heart rate.

As your heart rate increases, you’ll hear the chirping crickets increase. As your heart rate slows, so will the crickets.

Enjoy with or without music.


New Breath Soundscape:

soundscape Box Breath ☁️

Get some fresh air with our newest Breath biofeedback experiences where you’ll be taught a “Box Breath” breathing technique (also known as Square Breath) and “Balanced Breath”.

The “Box Breath” technique can act as a powerful stress reliever and is widely used by everyone from athletes to Navy SEALs, police officers, and nurses to maintain concentration and enhance performance.

Let your breath be guided by the sounds of fresh springtime air.

Inhale for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of four, exhale for a count of four and hold your breath again for a count of four.

The “Balanced Breath” technique is a simple exercise to relax and calm your mind and body by inhaling for a count of four, then exhaling for a count of four.


New Body Soundscape:

soundscape Crystal Cavern 💠

Let your mind and body find stillness and relaxation in a remote crystal cavern where you’ll be guided by the sound of water droplets gently echoing within the cavern as you adjust into a balanced position. As your body shifts in movement, the sound of the water droplets will intensify. As your body steadies, the droplets quiet.

This soundscape was designed to help bring your attention to your shifts in movements and build awareness of your posture.


Try them out for yourself!

We hope you enjoy exploring these new experiences and that you find them helpful in maintaining your daily meditation practice.

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