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Discover How Our Award-Winning Headband Works

Achieve more peace and presence of mind with Muse

Muse Makes Meditation Easy


During the session, Muse gives you real-time audio feedback based on
your brain activity, teaching you how to master your mind and gain more
control over your focus.


Muse’s sensors passively measure your brain activity, heart
rate, breath, and body movement. Refer back to this data whenever you


Studies have shown that over time this practice can improve your ability to focus, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness. 

Your Real-Time Meditation Coach

Using advanced EEG technology, Muse senses when your mind is active and distracted, neutral and at rest, or calm and deeply focused and translates your brain activity into the guiding sounds of nature.

When your mind is distracted during meditation, you will hear waves, wind, or rain. These gentle cues help you direct your focus back to your breath.

When your mind is clear and calm during meditation, you will hear soothing nature sounds that let you know you are in a calm state.

Preview Biofeedback Audio: Click Play to Listen to a Sample


A distracted mind with wandering attention.


A natural resting state that is not distracted, nor deeply focused.


Deep, restful focus. This is the goal state.

Get Started

See Your Progress

Discover how often your mind spends in an active, neutral, or calm state after each meditation. Spending more time in a deep restful state focused on your breath results in a higher calm score.

Track your calm score and time spent in different states to improve your meditation practice over time.

Brain Activity Tracking

Heart Rate Detection

Posture Detection

Breath Detection

Sleep Tracking

Tune In To Your Body

Track your body's natural rhythms and get personalized meditation soundscapes that are tailored to your heart rate, breath patterns, and body movements.

These meditations will help you develop a deeper understanding of your internal cues so that you can learn how to relax, build energy, or optimize your performance.

Shut Off a Busy Mind

Muse will guide you into a restful slumber with responsive audio experiences that are designed to help cue your brain to sleep and back to sleep if you wake up during the night. Simply listen, relax, and let the audio guide you as you prepare to shut off your busy mind.

Track & Improve

Understand how efficiently you sleep each night through your personalized sleep score, and learn how to catch your best ZZZs with insights on:

  • EEG Sleep Tracking: See how long you’re in light, deep, and REM sleep stages
  • Deep Sleep Insights: Measure the total quantity and intensity of your deep sleep and how deeply your brain is resting
  • Sleep Score: Measure your sleep efficiency based on the total number of hours you sleep, the time you spend in each sleep stage, and more
  • Position Tracking: Whether you’re a back, side, or front sleeper, see which position helps you get your best rest

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