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Muse and LoveYourBrain partner to raise awareness of TBI this Brain Injury Awareness Month

Julia Park

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Every 11 seconds, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs in the US and Canada, affecting 3 million individuals annually. This alarming frequency is due, in part, to the fact there are several types of TBIs, including concussion — yet each factor into this high rate. Healthcare providers classify traumatic brain injuries as being either mild, moderate or severe. And while there are a variety of treatments which can help a person recover from TBI, meditation has been proven to significantly enhance the quality of life for people affected by this type of injury.

Muse and LoveYourBrain: Two minds together for improved brain health

In recognition of Brain Injury Awareness month, Muse, pioneers in brain-sensing biofeedback technology, is proud to be partnering with the LoveYourBrain Foundation, a non-profit that improves the quality of life for those impacted by traumatic brain injury. With the Muse research-grade EEG headband acting as your brain health coach, those with TBI are able to unlock their brain’s potential in just a few minutes each day. LoveYourBrain optimizes brain health through free, evidence-based programs for healing after TBI that harness the power of mindfulness to build community and resilience.  

Ariel Garten, co-founder of Muse, feels partnering with LoveYourBrain is an ideal way to leverage each company’s attributes and promote each other’s missions. “Muse is at the forefront of revolutionizing brain health through our state-of-the-art EEG AI platform. Partnering with LoveYourBrain, a non-profit at the forefront of mindfulness research and programming for brain health after TBI, is natural and inspiring. Together, we're committed to raising awareness about brain health, injury, and healing, driving positive change in communities worldwide.”

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LoveYourBrain–A passion project more than 20 years in the making

LoveYourBrain was founded by two brothers, Adam and Kevin Pearce, after Kevin, a professional snowboarder, sustained a life-threatening TBI before the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics. In the years since, the two brothers have created a unique community with evidence-based programs to help people with TBI feel more connected to themselves and others. Co-founder and executive director Adam Pearce feels partnering with Muse is a natural way to amplify the importance of Brain Injury Awareness month. He shares, "During Brain Injury Awareness month, LoveYourBrain is excited to partner with Muse and share our new Brain Health Challenge - a collection of meditations developed to support those affected by concussion, brain injury, and anyone interested in brain health. Our hope is that this Challenge raises more awareness about brain injury, and financial support to ensure our evidence-based mindfulness programs continue to offer life-changing opportunities for thousands of people each year."

TBI awareness and how Muse is helping those affected

As a major cause of death and disability in the US and Canada that contributes to about 30% of all injury deaths, greater awareness of TBI is paramount to not only saving lives, but reducing the numbers of those affected by this potentially life-altering injury. Brain Injury Awareness Month, recognized each March, provides an important opportunity to bring attention to the prevention of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and to promote strategies to improve the quality of life for persons living with TBI. One game-changing strategy for those suffering from TBI involves focused attention meditation using advanced EEG technology and real-time feedback.

Train. Track. Transform. With Muse, better brain health is just a few minutes away.

  • Track: During the session, Muse gives you real-time audio feedback based on your brain activity, teaching you how to master your mind and gain more control over your focus.
  • Train: Muse’s sensors passively measure your brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movement. Refer back to this data whenever you want.
  • Transform: Studies have shown that over time this practice can improve your ability to focus, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness. 

  Meditation, mindfulness

Improve your quality of life with Muse and LoveYourBrain

Muse and LoveYourBrain allow you to combine mindfulness meditation with research-backed, peer-supported programs that improve resilience, cognition, and overall quality of life. Using the MuseEEG platform, you can choose from an array of LoveYourBrain’s mindfulness tools to cultivate mental flexibility, physical strength, positive thinking, and more!

Join us in celebrating Brain Health Awareness Month with this month's meditation challenge, running from March 22 until March 31, 2024. We've partnered with LoveYourBrain to offer a series of carefully crafted meditations designed specifically for people affected by brain injury and anyone interested in promoting improved brain health through mindfulness. To participate, simply sign up here.

Savings for you, and support for the TBI community

As a special bonus, save 15% on a Muse headband, with a portion of the proceeds supporting LoveYourBrain and their efforts to provide those impacted by brain injury with free, evidence-based programs and resources, and greater visibility and awareness to brain health. 

Visit or enter LOVEYOURBRAIN at checkout to claim your discount.

If you would like to donate to LoveYourBrain directly, click here.
Learn more about LoveYourBrain’s programs, research, and more at

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