Take a breath

Musings on neuroscience, meditation and Muse.

March 22, 2023

Sleep and the Immune System

When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s hard to show up as your best self. But did you know that you’re more likely to get sick too? Aside from the unpleasant experience of sleep deprivation, numerous studies have linked lack of consistent quality sleep with higher rates of sickness and mortality. On the other hand, … Continued

March 15, 2023

7 Clever Ways to Deal with Noise for Better Sleep

Maybe your neighbors are having a party. Maybe it’s the nightly sounds of the city and traffic. Or maybe it’s the people in the apartment above you, who you have to assume are training to be professional river dancers given their non-stop and irregular footfalls. It could even be your partner snoring or the ever-present … Continued

March 8, 2023

Could a Biphasic Sleep Schedule Benefit You?

With busy schedules that often keep us going non-stop throughout the day, many of us feel a lot of pressure to get as much sleep as we can to avoid exhaustion and performance dips. What if we told you it was natural to wake up an hour or two after you first fall asleep? What … Continued

March 1, 2023

Can Binaural Beats Help You Sleep? (Signs Point to Yes!)

As anyone who’s experienced insomnia knows, not being able to fall asleep can be an incredibly frustrating and demoralizing experience. You could be exhausted, practically falling asleep where you stand, and as soon as you lie in bed your mind begins whirring. The longer you lay there trying to drift off, the more sleep evades … Continued

February 16, 2023

Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Barbara J. Faison

Barbara J. Faison, Meditation Ambassador, enjoys welcoming people to the practice of meditation. She is a professional voice talent and personal development trainer who mixes different cultures, styles, and practices together to connect with her students. Barbara’s creative meditation style engages you so feel like you are sitting with your favorite aunt for a chat. … Continued

January 16, 2023

What You Need To Know About Blue Monday (& How Mindfulness Can Help)

A few weeks into the new year, you might be missing the holiday sparkle, money might feel a bit tighter after paying bills and splurging on gifts, and you might be starting to fall off your resolution wagon. And with many of us back to work after a long holiday break, it’s no wonder some … Continued

January 10, 2023

Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Joshua Dorfman

Joshua Dorfman, a Spiritual teacher, healer and life coach- born and raised in New York City, was born into a family of healers and mystics. The women from both sides of his family were naturally gifted with psychic abilities, foresight, and knowledge of natural remedies. Teachers began entering his life at the age of 14, … Continued

December 9, 2022

Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Shelby Harris

Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM is a clinical psychologist and sleep specialist in private practice in NY. She is board certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine and treats a wide variety of sleep, anxiety, and depression issues using evidence-based, non-medication treatments. Her self-help book, The Women’s Guide to Overcoming Insomnia: Get a Good Night’s Sleep Without Relying … Continued

December 7, 2022

How to Deal with Negative Self-Talk

You know that voice — the one that tells you to doubt yourself at every turn, that you’re never good enough, that things will never work out… As it turns out, self-talk is a normal part of being human, so if you’ve ever experienced negative self-talk, know that you’re not alone. The truth is self-talk … Continued

November 30, 2022

Interoceptive Awareness: Balance the Mind and Body

Picture this. You’re about to go into an important meeting at work. You feel your heart rate pick up and your palms get clammy as you begin breathing faster… You tell yourself, “it’s nothing, just ignore it” and try to grit your teeth and bear it.   You might be absolutely fine.  But you might … Continued