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What are people saying?

"It makes meditating and learning how to quiet your loud-mouth brain a whole lot easier."

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"The huge variety of meditations makes it easy to find the right one for your specific need."

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"What makes this device so interesting is that those seven sensors can detect when you’re not focusing, and will guide you back to the desired state."

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"The real gift here is the personalized bedtime soundtrack the headband creates in response to your brain activity as you start to doze off"

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"For those who like to combine ancient practices with modern technology, high-tech company Muse’s newest S headband offers the best of both worlds."

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"A lot of people don't know how to meditate and it's hard to know when you've reached the meditative state, but the Muse headband assesses your brain wave activity and teaches you what it feels like to get into that meditative state and hold it for 15 to 30 minutes, which is what helps with sustained attention." - Dr. Kristen Willeumier

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"What we enjoyed most about the Muse S was its meditation training, but it's also an excellent sleep tracker and a good option if you want to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine."

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"Your dude love his meditation app? Wait until he tries this. With advanced EEG technology, the 'brain sensing' headband is a serious upgrade to his regular meditation programming"

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"A headband that simultaneously helps you nod off with soothing sounds and meditations and monitors your sleep habits too. Impressive, right?"

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"If dad's serious about destressing, then get him a smart meditation band with an accompanying app that will make the process all the more mindful."

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"Reviewing the graphs of my brain waves in the app was motivating, because I could see that I appeared to be making some progress."

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"You listen to an app of ocean waves and as you're listening to it, if your brain is calm and you're not thinking of anything, you'll hear everything get really quiet and you'll hear birds chirping. Once your brain starts thinking about things unconsciously, you'll start to recognize that the ocean wave sounds start crashing louder and the wind sounds start picking up." - Olivia Munn

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"Stress and restlessness is a problem that affects many of us, but with the Muse S brain-sensing headband the path to mindfulness is easier than ever."

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"If your mom meditates or wants to learn how to meditate, Muse S can help take her practice to the next level."

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"It's a fascinating headband that reads your brainwaves while you meditate and uses audio cues to tell you how you're doing."

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"For fully immersive meditation, the Muse 2 headband harnesses all the senses — brain activity, heart-rate, breathing and body movements — to build you a bespoke soundscape"

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"I don't regularly meditate, go getting feedback about my brainwaves is encouraging and unique."

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"I’ve had mixed results with apps (Calm has been my go-to, of late), and while I initially balked at the idea of gamifying the process, I’ve actually found this wearable a useful tool in helping regain my focus, even when not wearing it."

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"It’s the gift of a sound mind."

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"…an EEG device that teaches us non-Buddhists to attain focused serenity."

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"Imagine a gadget that knows your mind…"

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"Muse is a very designed product, more Apple store than CVS, a sleek plastic band embedded with seven electroencephalography (EEG) sensors that monitor your brain activity."

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"Muse is actually as good as it sounds."

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"Muse, however, has been stripped so thoroughly of any hint of mysticism that its parent company refuses to even call it a meditation tool, preferring instead the term “brain fitness.” Just like you do reps at the gym to build your body muscle, it treats practicing focus like doing mental reps for your brain muscle."

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"The science behind Muse is pretty robust - the neurofeedback has been used in the mental health field for over a decade - and its tech has been used in neuroscience research."

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"Muse is the first widely-available tool that reassures when you’re doing well and provides you with in-the-moment advice when you’re not—gentle auditory signals help bring you back to center when the headband senses a wandering mind."

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"IMO, the single coolest thing about Muse is this: the device really just offers a clearer, more comprehensive view of a user’s beyond-skin-deep goings-on."

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"The Muse headset is like meditation and deep breathing for dummies. "

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"Think you're great at meditation? Want to know how good you're doing or how you can improve? You may want to check out the Muse 2."

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"This tool helped me, a complete beginner, achieve proper meditation technique."

Read on Mens's Health >

"It is efficient for newbies looking to restore balance in their lives."

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"For me, if I can slow the hamster wheel in my brain for a few minutes a day (and let in the birdsong), it’s one accessory I’ll be donning on a regular basis."

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"If half way through a meditation and you purposely lose focus, you’ll shortly hear this reflected in a burst of stormy weather. It’s pretty crazy, really."

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"Close your eyes for a moment, breathe slowly, and try to empty your mind of anything that might be troubling you. Feeling relaxed yet? If so great, but for the rest of us, meditation isn’t something that comes particularly easily, which is why the Muse 2 meditation headband is designed to help you find your inner zen."

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"Meditation apps, however, have the limitations that they cannot offer feedback on how effective they have been in helping you still your busy mind. That is why the Muse meditation headset I reviewed last April was such a breakthrough."

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"Muse’s high-tech headband gamifies your meditation. It works by giving you real-time audio feedback on what’s happening in your brain and awards you points for controlling your breathing."

Read on Evening Standard >

"Chris Aimone, chief technology officer and co-founder of Muse by Interaxon, discusses how the app works, and how we can create mindful resolutions in 2019."

Read on Cheddar >

"Meditation is well-known to be effective at reducing stress levels and is gaining popularity in the mainstream, so the 'Muse 2' smart meditation headset has been engineered to provide a better way for users of all kinds to partake in the practice."

Read on Trend Hunter >

"Meditation can be hard, particularly understanding if you’re doing it right. Muse 2.0 is a brain-sensing headset that helps with this, training you in the art of meditation and mindfulness."

Read on Runner's World >

"The device gathers data on brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movements which you can then review on the app - the most widely used consumer neurotechnology in the market today."

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"To track how well you’re doing during the Muse 2’s different experiences, the wearable’s companion app pushes out various audio cues, including changing the tempo of music and birds chirping."

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"…meditating with it—is addictive."

Read on Oprah Magazine >

"Here’s why wearables are finally worth your money."

Read on Bloomberg >

"As thoughts enter my mind and begin to run amok, the winds pick up, signalling me to come back into the moment and calm my mind. When my mind is very calm, I’m rewarded with more points and the sound of birds tweeting."

Read on Elle Canada >

"…the product that offers the most pleasant experience overall is Muse, a sleek headband that rests across your forehead and over your ear."

Read on the Wall Street Journal >

"It worked, drowning out my thoughts, and allowing me to realize my mind was drifting into things I need not think about."

Read on Slate >

"Coaches say don’t overthink it! Calm down! Turns out they're right."

Read on CBC News >

"Designed for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, the new “smart” sunglasses integrate Interaxon’s Muse brain-sensing technology into the popular and stylish Smith Lowdown frames to deliver cognitive training technology via beautifully designed eyewear that wearers can sport every day."

Read on Smith >

"As thoughts enter my mind and begin to run amok, the winds pick up, signalling me to come back into the moment and calm my mind. When my mind is very calm, I’m rewarded with more points and the sound of birds tweeting."

Read on the Guardian >

"Firefighters are turning to Muse technology to help cope with stress."

Read on CTV News >

"…amazingly effective at helping me to focus and relax quickly."

Read on Livestrong >

"Using electroencephalography (EEG), which records electrical activity of the brain, Muse “passively detects changes in your brain” using the headband’s seven sensors."

Read on Yahoo Health >

"After several sessions with Muse, I did feel that I was able to maintain my focus better. I also felt relaxed and clearheaded after each session."

Read on Consumer Reports >

"Dr. David Agus joins “CBS This Morning” with some last-minute ideas for presents that could improve your health."

Read on CBS This Morning >

"First ever brain sensing eyewear platform, built in partnership with Interaxon Inc."

Read on Safilo Group >

"This is well worth the money. Less than a week and I already feel results."

- Amazon Customer Gary Paule

"Muse made meditation less intimidating."

Read on the Observer >

"The Muse headband has been an enormous help in training my mind to a state of calm mindfulness."

- Best Buy Customer Brenda

"He told the Observer that the auditory biofeedback provided by the Muse headset has helped to sell both professional and aspiring golfers he works with on mindful practice."

Read on the Observer >

"For those who need a tech aid, this brain-wave monitor and accompanying app can sense when you are agitated and help you calm down."

Read on Yoga Journal >

"This techy Canadian headband wants to read your mind to help you relax."

Read on CTV News >

"Despite the chaos in my life, there was no doubt that this little device had made me a calmer person in just two weeks."

Read on the Blog of Tim Ferris >

"If this is a journey from Type A to zen, I’ve still only taken a few tentative steps from my starting point. Still, they’re steps I wouldn’t have taken on my own — and for that, i give Muse one big, stress-busting, deep breath of approval."

Read on Prevention >

"Just three minutes set aside to be completely still each day will leave you feeling refreshed and less stressed."

Read on Style Bistro >

"Wearables and apps that help you relax are a new trend in tech."

Read on Fox NY >

"A new gadget that’s just hit the market comes closer than ever to reading a person’s mind. It’s not science fiction, but actual science that’s packed into the high-tech headband called Muse."

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