This Smart Headband Acts Like Training Wheels To Help You Learn Meditation Faster

Kris A

Kris A | April 21, 2023


Did you know that out of 332 million people in the United States, only 14% meditate regularly?*

Why is that? It turns out that millions of Americans want to meditate, but they struggle to get started.

If you have tried it yourself, maybe you can relate. Sitting still, trying to focus only on your breathing, but your mind does not seem to want to stop wandering.

You might even get a few minutes of quiet, only to catch yourself thinking about that work meeting or what you planned to cook for dinner that night.

Founder of the Muse, Ariel Garten, says “The only reason the act of meditation feels unpleasant is because we feel like we’re not good at it. But actually, a basic core of meditation is to teach the skill of non-judgment.”

From its original inception, Muse’s engineering team has been focused on one thing - creating tools to help people learn how to meditate with ease.

Muse uses research-grade EEG (brain activity) sensors to give you real-time feedback during your meditation, helping you to stay in the present moment by giving you subtle audio cues each time the mind gets distracted.

Muse band

When your mind starts to wander, Muse plays sounds of waves crashing, storms, and rain through your headphones, letting you know your mind is wandering.

When you refocus your mind, Muse plays the gentle sounds of birds chirping, letting you know you are in the zone.

The Muse app has over 500 guided meditations designed to help anyone master meditation with ease. 

Beyond guided meditations, the app also has detailed reports showing exactly how long your mind was “calm”, “neutral”, and “active” after each session. 

The simplest way to describe Muse is that it is the ultimate learning tool for meditation in 2023.

If you were trying to teach a child to ride a bike, you would give them training wheels.

Similarly, if you were trying to teach someone how to meditate, you would give them a Muse.

Here is what real users of Muse are saying about it after using it:

“It has been the catalyst over the last few months that allowed me to establish a meditation practice as an integral part of my daily life, and I can’t overstate what has meant to my overall well-being.”

“I always knew I should be meditating because it helps you reduce stress. But I could never stick to it. But now, using Muse it's been 4 months of consistent meditation every day, and I have never felt better.”

“Muse literally helps me hit pause on life so I can get in a few minutes to myself to calm down and relax. This is the least stressed I have been in 3 years. I don’t know what I'd do without it”

If you are someone who wants to live a calm, low-stress life by meditating regularly, then Muse might be the perfect tool for you.

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