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Muse Team Interview: Nicole from Research


What do you expect when you head into work for the day? For many, you’ll expect to speak with some customers or crunch some numbers.

For Nicole Proulx, however, going to work looks very different. Nicole is on the Muse Research Team.

Being a Canadian neurotech company that specializes in processing the world’s largest volume of EEG data in new and unique ways, Muse takes research and development very seriously! From brainstorming new applications for biosensing technologies to testing previously unimagined experiences, the research department at Muse team does it all.

So what is it like working at Muse on the research team? Between her hectic schedule, we had the chance to interview Nicole. She explains what a day in her life is like at Muse and goes into detail about how new features, products, and algorithms are thought up, built, tested, and released.

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