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Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Taylor White Moffitt


As a psychotherapist in Colorado for 26 years, my intention has always been to work myself out of a job. My belief is that each of us already has the wisdom, knowledge, and information needed to make shifts in our lives. From the place of “I already am everything I need”, my job is to simply guide my clients & students inward to see their truths, to honor them, and to communicate with compassion and neutrality. My passion lies in developing the potential in humans—as leaders, as professionals, as yoga students, as parents or spouses, as humans.

My workshops include the trifecta of movement, meditation, and personal work. One of my favorite offerings is The Art + Practice of Self Compassion. This course continues to light me up by connecting me to our community. This course offers tools to illustrate how self-compassion delivers everything self-improvement promises. In 2020, I launched Humanity First: The Art + Practice of Being Fully Human, a year-long Embodied Leadership training created to inspire those who are ready to lead and shine their light.

“My work is built around creating a place where we dive deeper into sacred silence and healing with an intentional community where we share our real sh*t and continue our journey to self-discovery.”

Throughout the year I offer transformational retreats to provide a bigger clearing for people to understand who they are, how they impact others, and how they can create peace and ease for themselves first and in turn, those around them. All of my offerings are developed to shed our insecurities and open our hearts so we can be seen and heard by ourselves and others.

Q & A with Taylor White Moffitt

How did you first discover meditation? Who or what inspired you to meditate?

Meditation found me after a late miscarriage. I found myself having a lot of time to think. At some point, I became painfully aware of how much THINKING was going on and how little BEING was happening. This painful experience was one I kept trying to “figure out.” The more I figured out, the worse I felt. Learning to witness my feelings and be with myself was one of many healing journeys for me in this lifetime so far. Meditation actually became my friend when I needed one most.

What’s a valuable lesson or insight you uncovered during your meditation journey?

I thought everyone had the answers but me. I was always a seeker, to a fault, and as I continued seeking, I would find all sorts of answers. Most didn’t fit for me. In learning to witness and observe I found that it was me who had the answers. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

What’s your favorite meditation technique and why?

I think it is so advanced to sit with yourself, walk with yourself and breathe with yourself. No technique-no waving of hands or mudras or mantras or magical words—just you. Techniques are great and yet for me, they took me farther away, back to the place of trying to get it right. By just being, as I am, I found the most peaceful and easeful moments I have ever had.

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