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Enjoy 300+ Guided Meditations:


Enjoy 300+ Guided Meditations:



7 Gift Ideas For the Biohacker in Your Life

December 2, 2019

There’s someone in your life that you know is into biohacking, but you’ve got a problem: you have no idea what “biohacking” is.

Lucky you, you’ve got a friend on the inside who knows that biohacking is a fancy term for improving the body and mind with a variety of methods. The term is also pretty broad: biohacking can be as simple as intermittent fasting to as futuristic as implanting a chip in your hand to unlock your phone.



Take the guesswork out of buying gifts for biohackers with our handy gift guide for that special transhumanist in your life.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee, or butter coffee, is an energizing beverage to drink in the morning in lieu of your regular coffee and breakfast.

While it’s easy enough to make on your own, the official Bulletproof Coffee Kit ($53.46) is the best way to get started with this revolutionary way to start your day. Whole bean coffee, clarified ghee butter, and Bulletproof’s innovative brain octane oil, derived from pure coconut oil.




Jabra Elite 65t Active wireless headphones

Nobody wants to work out to the generic EDM that thumps through most gyms, and nothing is more motivating on an outdoor run than your running mixtape.

The days of untangling headphone cables and accidentally ripping your earbuds out while running are over, thanks to the Jabra Elite 65t Active ($249.99) wireless earbuds. The reason these are specifically handy for exercise is their 2-year warranty against dust and sweat.

They boast an impressive 5-hour battery life but their most intriguing feature is the staggering amount of customization available in the companion app: control everything from music, phone calls, and preferred voice assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.) to the amount of noise canceling allowed through their “hear through” system.



Know someone who’s always feeling down in the winter months? Or a frequent traveler that struggles with jet lag? Pick them up a Finnish-designed HumanCharger ($275.00), a bright light therapy device designed to stave off the winter blues and increase mental alertness.

HumanCharger stabilizes the body’s circadian rhythms and with just 12 minutes of exposure every 2 hours, or whenever you’re feeling tired, you can feel energized all day long.

Muse 2 Headband

Meditation has proven health and wellness benefits but it can be tough to measure your success with it. Muse 2 ($299.99), the brain-sensing headband, uses a sophisticated series of sensors to track your brainwaves and give you real-time feedback on how calm or busy your mind is as you meditate.

The headband itself is great, but it’s only half the story. The Muse Guided Meditation Bundle ($424.98) comes with a 1-year subscription that includes a wealth of guided meditation practices by top meditation experts, as well as dynamic soundscapes that react to your brainwaves to help you focus and find calm.

Perfect for someone in your life who’s interested in meditation but doesn’t know where to start.

Muse 2 Headband

Tools of Titans Book

The perfect gift for your ambitious and driven friend. The latest groundbreaking book from Tim Ferriss, the #1 New York Times best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek. This book contains the distilled tools, tactics, and ‘inside scoops’ you won’t find anywhere else. It also includes new tips from past guests and life lessons from new ‘guests’ meant to steer people on the right path to success.

Tim Ferriss Book

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The average office worker spends over 1,700 hours a year staring at a computer screen–that’s before tv, phone, and computer time at home. All that screen time can lead to eye strain, headaches–even insomnia.

While minimizing your screen time is a personal issue that, depending on your job, can be out of your control, you can control your exposure to harmful blue light emitted by your computer screen with this pair of blue light blocking glasses from Gamma Ray ($32.77).

While doctors and researchers don’t agree on the effect of blue light on your eyes, blue light exposure has been known to mess with your circadian rhythms and disrupt sleep.



8Greens effervescent tablets ($30.00) turn any old glass of water into a green drink chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Made with spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue-green algae, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina, one tablet contains as much Vitamin C as 8 whole oranges.

Pop one of these tablets into an 8oz glass of water and get enough vitamins for a whole day–at a fraction of the cost of a smoothie.


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