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Muse developer is a platform designed to empower individuals and companies to explore and create innovative products, experiments, and projects centered around the interactive brain.

Developer tools

The tools that make up the Muse Developer platform allow for direct communication with Muse 2014 & 2016 versions. From graphical interfaces to APIs, these powerful tools were made to be intuitive and seamless, helping you bring ideas to life.

Developer services

The services that make up the Muse Developer platform support commercial applications built for the Muse headband. From technical to sales and marketing support, these services were born out of best practices and the accumulation of years of experience by our team of experts.

Build brain sensing technology into your apps

Build brain sensing technology into your apps

Muse SDK enables direct communication with Muse 2014 & 2016 versions, allowing you to stream live EEG data into your application, enabling you to create a unique app experience for your audience. Whether you’re a researcher conducting a field experiment to collect data with a custom application, a developer looking to integrate brain and movement data with Unity’s 3D game engine, or a student building prototypes at a hackathon using out-of-the box algorithms, Muse SDK can do it all.

Key Features
• Discover and connect to all Muse headbands
• Receive raw EEG, accelerometer, gyroscope, and battery data
• Leverage built-in algorithms for band powers, eye blinks, and jaw clenches
• Record and/or playback data to and from a file
• Full documentation

Supported Platforms:
iOS, Android, Windows 10 (UWP)

Commercial Licenses for Third-Party Applications
A third-party application is one that is made by a vendor, not Interaxon. If you are interested in creating a commercial application for the Muse headband email us at

Build experiences without building a full app

Build experiences without building a full app

Muse Direct makes prototyping faster, allowing simultaneous multi-person experiences to be streamed and recorded, anytime and anywhere, making data collection in the lab or out in the field simple and portable. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, you can start verifying your algorithm without having to build an entire app first.

Whether you’re building an art installation or in the early stages of app development, Muse Direct provides you with everything from raw data to out-of-the box algorithms so that you can focus on what’s most important – the data.

Key Features
• Receive and stream raw data from the Muse headband including EEG, accelerometer, gyroscope, battery, and DRL/REF
• Easy-to-use GUI
• Connect via Bluetooth
• Stream live data with OSC to other computers and applications (like Muse Lab!)
• One-click recording
• Use the built-in algorithms: band powers, headband status indicator, data quality indicator, blink event, jaw clench event, and “is user wearing headband” indicator

Supported Platforms:
iOS, Windows 10

Compatible with:
Muse Lab (a visualization tool) >
Muse Player (a tool for file conversion) >

Get access to Muse’s audience base and support from our experts

Get access to Muse’s audience base and support from our experts

Sales Support

Our sales team is the bridge between your product and our growing Muse audience. We love building connections wherever we go, from conferences and trade shows to private corporate events. Our talent lies in our ability to listen and understand the needs of our audience, which translates into unique opportunities for us to share your product with our user base.

Marketing Support

Understanding the power of compelling stories, our marketing team will work with you in discovering your product’s narrative, bringing these well crafted stories to our audience through press releases and featured blog postings. In addition to online marketing, our Marketing Development Fund program supports your marketing development needs by setting aside funds specifically for marketing events that you want to participate in.

Technical Support

Our tech team understands the importance of clean code and elegant solutions. If your team has any questions about how our API works we support web-based tech inquires with every tier of our Muse Alliance Partner Program.

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