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Enjoy 500+ Guided Meditations:


Enjoy 500+ Guided Meditations:






Immediate & Intelligent Sleep Support

The Digital Sleeping Pill 

Imagine a bedtime story that helps you shut off your busy mind & cues your brain to sleep.

A Muse “Digital Sleeping Pill” or DSP is a responsive new kind of sleep experience that is designed to put you to sleep and help you fall back asleep if you’ve woken up during the night. 

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EEG-Powered Sleep Support

Cue Your Brain To Sleep

​​Imagine drifting off to sleep is like landing an airplane. At the end of the day, we need to slow down & shut off the engine in order to sleep. 

DSPs are designed to help you through the landing process by helping you disengage from what’s keeping your busy mind awake.

“I use the Muse S headband for sleep.
I'm now sleeping longer and able
to fall back to sleep much faster
when I awake through the night.”

Carla S.

Verified Buyer

“The Digital Sleeping Pill feature Muse has created is an fantastically innovative tool for some individuals who may struggle with sleep. [...] It's fascinating to use the device and feel the sound drift into and out of your awareness as you sleep.”

W. Christopher Winter, MD, D-ABSM, D-ABIM (sleep), D-ABPN (neurology), F-AASM

Sleep Specialist/Neurologist & Author of The Rested Child and The Sleep Solution

“Before, I would lay there and it could
take an hour or two for me to fall asleep
because my head was spinning. With this,
I’m asleep before my 5 minute sleep meditation is even over.
Incredible tech!”

Nancy M.

Verified Buyer

Guiding A Busy Mind To Rest

How Does It Work?

When you fall asleep your brain activity changes.

Muse can detect these changes and use them to gently modulate your sleep experience, cueing your brain that it’s time for sleep. If you wake in the night, we use the same technology to automatically guide you back to sleep again.

Immediate Sleep Support

Beyond Sleep Tracking

Although sleep tracking can be helpful to gain insights on trends & changes in your sleep quality, tracking your sleep doesn’t provide immediate relief when you need to fall asleep.

Digital Sleeping Pills provide immediate & effective sleep support.

Note: DSP is available free to all Muse S (Gen 2) users and will be available for Muse S (Gen 1) users in December '21.

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Welcome To Brain-Powered Sleep & Meditation Training

Love The Morning, Conquer The Day

Personalized insights that empower focused calm during the day & restorative sleep at night.

Monitor & improve your overall sleep efficiency through our handy Sleep Score, dig deeper with Deep Sleep insights, explore body position tracking, and monitor how long you’re spending in light, REM, and deep sleep states.  

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The Newest Generation Of Muse S

New & Mindfully Improved

Along with access to Digital Sleeping Pills, we've improved overall battery performance, reduced charging time, and upgraded signal quality with Muse S (Gen 2) to offer the most advanced innovation in sleep technology.

And did we mention our breathable, comfy fabric band fits like a dream and adjusts to sit snug around a wider variety of head sizes too?

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Your New Favorite Bedtime Story

With a variety of different types of Digital Sleeping Pills, you'll be able to find the ones that work for you.

• Sleep Stories & Meditations
• Ambient Soundscapes
• Music & Nature Biofeedback Soundscapes

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Best In Class Best In Class

It’s Time to Invest In Rest.

Immersive sleep soundscapes, helpful real-time feedback, and forget-it’s-there comfort give you the ultimate home sleep support. Experience the next evolution in sleep and meditation technology with Muse S.

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