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Muse Referral Program: Gift 30, Get 30

July 31, 2019

referral program

The Muse Gift $30, Get $30 program allows you to earn promotional  Muse Credit to use on the future purchase of Muse products from

How it works:

Share: Send $30 of Muse Credits to a friend through the Muse app

  • When you share your unique discount code with a friend, they’ll get $30 to spend on Muse products and services from This excludes accessory-only or monthly subscription purchases. 

Earn: Once your friend uses their $30 Muse Credit, you’ll receive a $30 Muse Credit of your own!

  • Once your friend makes their first purchase, you’ll receive an email with a code to redeem your $30 Muse Credit to spend on Muse products and services from on any purchases of $50 or more (in your local currency).

Shop & Stack: Use and stack your Muse Credits to purchase from

  • Similar to a gift card, you can use as many Muse Credits in the same purchase as you’d like! Just enter your Muse Credit voucher codes one at a time at checkout.

Have multiple friends who might like Muse? You can gift $30 Muse Credit with up to 10 friends. That’s $300 in Muse Credit for you! Follow the steps below to share your code

For more information about the Gift 30, Get 30 referral program, visit our FAQ and Program Terms.

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