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Stop guessing if you’re meditating right — start listening to cats.

April 1, 2019

We’ve been hard at work over at the Muse HQ bringing to life what we think will be our best feature yet.

We’re excited to announce that we will now be replacing the “Muse Birds” with “Muse Meows”.


On of our most popular product features, The Muse Birds, can be heard during a Muse session when you are able to maintain focus on your breath for longer than 5 seconds. Our incredible UX research team has discovered that the Muse Birds are in fact TOO calming. Many of our users report falling asleep during their Muse session because of the intense calm Muse Birds bring them.

“Though working with the talent has proven cute but more difficult than we expected, we’ve been really excited to launch this new feature.” said Chris Aimone CTO and co-founder “It’s been an incredible journey learning about the transformational power of a cat’s meow.”

Recent research has shown that the frequency of a cat’s meow can improve focused attention and productivity by up to 138%.

Stop guessing if you’re doing it right — start listening to cats.

Download the Muse app now to hear your personalized meows! Download

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