Take a breath

Musings on neuroscience, meditation and Muse.

November 9, 2022

Burnout At Work: 7 Practical Approaches To Managing Burnout

Difficulty concentrating. Low motivation. Not wanting to pull yourself out of bed as the morning rays peak through your window. Getting a bad case of the Sunday Scaries before Monday rolls around. If you’ve experienced burnout from chronic stress at work, research suggests you’re not alone.  According to a report published by global management consulting … Continued

November 1, 2022

Featured Muse Meditation Teacher: Lisa Wimberger

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute and co-founder of the NeuroPraxis App. She’s also one of Muse’s Guided Meditation Teachers. Her inspiring meditations can be found in the Calm, Sleep & First Responders Collections in the Muse app. Her specialty? Using breath and body meditations to help first responders cope with stress, … Continued

October 20, 2022

Best Self-Help Books to Close Out 2022

At Muse, we’re driven by a passion for exploring and expanding access to tools and insights that can help people live their best lives. So it should come as no surprise that we’re huge fans of personal development and self-help books! At their core, self-help resources are about change. Whether that’s a change in perspective, … Continued

October 10, 2022

World Mental Health Day: 10 Ways To Support Mental Health

We all have good and bad days. But when we have more bad days than good, it can take a real toll. The truth is, mental health is health. And while the last 50 years have seen the tides shift towards appreciating the value of physical health, many are still hesitant to buy into mental … Continued

October 4, 2022

Work-Life Balance in the Digital World: 10 Tips to Find It

The past few years have been transformational, especially regarding traditional work structures. Before the pandemic, clear boundaries existed between work and our personal lives, creating what felt like an acceptable work-life balance for most. And while the pandemic brought much-needed change by prioritizing employee wellbeing and normalizing work from home and flexible work arrangements, many … Continued

September 20, 2022

8 Ways to Preserve Your Brain Health

“Eat healthy, get quality sleep, and make sure to exercise.”  Even as kids most of us are taught the importance of taking care of our bodies. But what about our brain health? If you really think about it, your brain is the orchestrator behind every experience, perception, and action in life. Our brains begin organizing … Continued

September 13, 2022

The Athlete Mind: Optimize Your Brain for Peak Performance

From learning to access flow state to healthy habits to overcoming performance anxiety and distractions — an athlete’s mindset and mental discipline matter. As any professional athlete knows, it’s not enough to train your body and physical skill — to achieve peak performance, you have to train your mind as well. Your mindset, mental discipline, … Continued

September 9, 2022

6 Tips to Satisfy Your Stomach with Mindful Eating

Mindful eating helps reconnect with the experience of food. When we eat mindfully, we empower ourselves to make healthy choices that truly nourish our bodies. When’s the last time you thought about the journey the food you’re munching on took, to land on your plate? How often do you take time to explore your food’s … Continued

September 6, 2022

Meet Shawn Moore, Muse’s new Community Engagement Specialist

Muse is excited to announce that Shawn Moore has joined the team as a Community Engagement Specialist. In this role, he will be a resource for our community to continue to deepen their practice and build a long-lasting sustainable meditation habit.   Meditation has been a staple in his life for over 16 years. Shawn … Continued