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Enjoy 500+ Guided Meditations:


Enjoy 500+ Guided Meditations:



Muse X Backline: Bringing Meditation to Musicians

November 20, 2020

From tiring tours on the road to late nights at music venues, long stretches away from home to periods of unpredictability, the music industry is notoriously grueling. And COVID-19 has made a hard situation worse. Seemingly overnight, the pandemic ground the music industry to a halt, canceling shows, and music festivals around the world as well as closing venues and recording studios (1).

As a result, musicians have seen their sources of livelihood and income dry up and many are left facing feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty about their future. To help support a struggling music community, one organization is seeking to make mental health resources more accessible to musicians. Watch Muse Meditation Teacher & Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, Sacha Stewart shares tools to help build resilience for musicians during these uncertain times.

What is Backline & How are they Tackling Mental Health Support for Musicians?

Backline, a national not-for-profit organization, is on a mission to address a critical piece of sustaining a career in the music industry: musicians’ health and well-being. The non-profit connects music industry professionals and their families to the mental health and wellness resources they need.

Backline is a platform where musicians can learn, create community, and connect with trusted professionals and resources to help them navigate the challenging, unpredictable nature of being in the music industry (2). 

mental health support for musicians, meditation, musician resources

Musicians, like most gig economy workers, often lack healthcare or a benefits package with their job, making it more difficult to access and afford mental health and wellness services. This is why Backline’s offerings are free for “all those who have a hand in making the music happen,” which includes everyone from the crowd-facing artists and their managers to the crew behind the scenes and the family that support them (2).

Read Backline’s Press Release >

The program’s three main offerings are specifically designed for musicians: custom care programs, weekly support groups, and health & wellness resources. Through case management, musicians can connect with trained mental health professionals to create a custom care plan and receive referrals.

The weekly support groups give musicians a space to come together, talk about what it means to work in the music industry today and work to navigate the challenges together.

mental health support for musicians, meditation, musician resources

Backline also offers a host of wellness and mental health resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts on topics like mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and physiological health. Developed by musicians and trained professionals for musicians, these services provide an immediate, private, safe place where the music community can turn for help.

Muse X Backline Partnership

Muse, Backline’s first meditation partner, has donated 500 1-year meditation subscriptions to the Meditation Studio app by Muse. Within the app, the Backline music community can access guided meditations from world-renowned teachers on topics ranging from stress and burnout to adversity and resilience.

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Made for the beginner as well as seasoned meditators, the app offers a basics collection to get started as well as more in-depth offerings for those looking to go deeper in their practice. 

mental health support for musicians, meditation, musician resources

Inside the new Setbreak Collection, musicians can explore meditations like “Facing Obstacles,” “Bouncing Back from Adversity,” and “Dealing with Difficult Moments” to help them boost feelings of resilience and confidence. In this specific collection, Meditation Studio by Muse features meditation teachers who have experience in the entertainment industry and understand first-hand the inherent stress and challenges of it.

Within the app, musicians will also have access to 500+ guided meditations and over 50 world-renowned teachers to help them tap into and access feelings of steadiness and resilience for times, like right now when they need it most. To learn more about Backline, you can visit their website, and to learn more about Meditation Studio by Muse’s new Setbreak Collection, visit the app



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