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Take a breath

Musings on neuroscience, meditation and Muse.

May 24, 2019

Elisha Goldstein on Focusing Your Energy

Guest writer, Elisha Goldstein, is a leading teacher for Muse, the creator of the six-month online coaching program – A Course in Mindful Living – and author of many best selling books. The most invaluable resource we have in life is our attention. Consider for a moment, what we pay attention to and how we … Continued

May 21, 2019

Meditation Tips from a Sleep Doctor

Dubbed “The Sleep Whisperer” by Arianna Huffington, Dr. W. Chris Winter, MD has been involved in the field of sleep medicine for twenty-five years. A fully board-certified neurologist and double board certified sleep specialist, Dr. Winter has been helping individuals sleep better through his private clinic, group consultations, and work with professional athletes. His first … Continued

May 13, 2019

How Meditation Helps With Happiness

Dr. Gillian Mandich has a Ph.D. from Western University in Health Science, and her primary areas of research are happiness and health. She is the founder of The International Happiness Institute of Health Science Research, a top-rated keynote and TEDx speaker, appears regularly as the resident Happiness Expert on The Social and Breakfast Television, and … Continued

April 29, 2019

May Meditation Challenge

For a mindful month of May, we’ve decided to host a 3-week meditation challenge where all participants will have free access to our full collection of 100+ Guided Meditations! What’s in it for YOU: Enjoy $50 off a Muse device for joining Build your meditation practice with free access to our 100+ Guided Meditations for … Continued

April 15, 2019

Do you have Social Jetlag?

We’ve all done it – stayed up late on a Friday night to binge watch Netflix, or slept in until close to sunrise after a Saturday night out. While the occasional late night is unlikely to cause much harm, a consistently sporadic sleep schedule can wreak havoc on your internal body clock. The phenomenon which occurs … Continued

April 8, 2019

Premium Content Now Available: 100+ Guided Meditations

We’re excited to announce the release of 100+ Guided Meditations from renowned meditation teachers. We’ve heard your feedback and have been hard at work. For those who were interested in additional content, early access to 100+ Guided Meditations is now available as a stand-alone subscription offering (no headband required). Feature Highlights: This exciting paid offering … Continued

March 21, 2019

The Ultimate List of Free Meditation Resources

Whether you learn best through listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts, this list of free resources can help get improve your meditation practice. For both those who are new to meditation and those seeking guidance in helping you deepen your meditation practice, the internet is abundant in free resources. Below are … Continued

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