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Muse Meditation Skill for Amazon Alexa

Voice-Activated Guided Meditations

NEW: Access our award-winning guided meditations on any Alexa-enabled device with our new Muse Meditation skill. To get started, say, “Alexa, open Muse Meditation.” 

The Muse Meditation skill includes:

  • Subscriber Access: Current Muse guided meditation subscribers can link their Muse account to their Alexa companion app for immediate access to our entire library of 300+ Guided Meditations on their Alexa-enabled devices. For instructions on how to connect your Muse account, visit our FAQ page.

  • Free Content: We’ve included 14 free guided meditations for you to try.

  • Monthly Releases: We’ll be keeping the Muse Meditation skill up to date with all of our latest guided meditation content.

  • Additional Features Include:

  • Streak Count: Meditations completed on the Muse Meditation skill count toward your current streak in the Muse app.

  • Easy Access: Ask for a meditation by teacher name, collection, or meditation title. Simple voice commands make it quick and easy to find what you need.

  • Night Mode: Prepare for sleep with night mode functionality that kicks on automatically after 7pm.

  • Featured Meditation: Discover just-released and new-to-you content with our weekly featured meditation. For subscribers only.

  • "Alexa, ask Muse Meditation for a stress meditation."

    "Alexa, ask Muse Meditation to play Elisha Goldstein."

    "Alexa, tell Muse Meditation to start Falling Asleep."

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