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Train your brain & find your focus

Unlock your brain in just a few minutes a day with the world's most accurate mobile EEG device.

Backed by research

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At-home biofeedback training 

Muse is a research-grade EEG headband that acts as your personal meditation coach. Advanced sensors accurately measure your biosignals, while gentle audio cues deliver real-time feedback to bring your focus back to the present.


Muse’s sensors passively measure your brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movement. Refer back to this data whenever you want.


During the session, Muse gives you real-time audio feedback based on your brain activity, teaching you how to master your mind and gain more control over your focus.


Studies have shown that over time this practice can improve your ability to focus, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness. 

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Life without Muse

  • Lack of focus & productivity
  • Mind wandering / mental noise
  • Interrupted sleep
  • Anxious & restless thoughts
  • Inability to wind down & relax

Life with Muse

  • Better focus and clarity*
  • Better able to handle stress*
  • Feeling calmer and 
more relaxed*
  • Better emotional regulation*
  • 20% better sleep quality**
  • Data-driven insights & progress in real time

*Based on Muse customer research conducted April 2021
**A 2021 study by Cambridge Brain Science, Western University, Hatch, and Interaxon that used Muse S sleep support technology showed a 20% improvement in Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, relative to controls wanting to improve their sleep.

Train your brain with biofeedback

  • See your brain activity after every meditation
  • Track how much time you spent in a calm, focused state
  • Understand how many times you lost focus while meditating
  • Use insights from the Muse app to improve the quality of your meditation practice

Worth the hype.

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View press


A sleep lab at home

Your Muse headband is more than just a brain training coach. At night, it guides you into a deep, restful sleep by responsive bedtime stories designed to help you shut off your busy mind and prepare you for bed.

Muse's sleep experiences use innovative smart-fade technology to cue your brain to sleep, and fall back asleep if you wake up through the night.

Plus, it tracks how deeply you sleep and the time you spend in different sleep stages and positions, so you can use these insights to build strong sleep habits that last.

Master your mind with expert content

Start today by downloading the Muse app.

  • 500+ expert-led guided meditations
  • Dashboard view of progress and rewards 
  • At home sleep lap, with sleep score
  • Courses and collections for specific life situations

Comfortable. Simple. Clinically Accurate.

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